Dear All,

I have just joined this forum today and would like to share my experiences in the education system of Hong Kong. I worked in commercial field many years and met some graduates ( mechanical engineering background ) to discuss with certain technical issues. Sometimes, I was surprised to see that they might not have the necessary knowledge background. Take below few examples :

I estimated a figure ( worked out to be 7.65 in which I rounded up to 8 ) and present it to be an integer. I explained to them that this is a round up figure. I adopted a higher figure to play safe in technical estimation. They did not accept this figure and insisted I had made a mistake.

Sometimes I used Ohm’s law to explain resistance for a conductor but they had not heard about this concept.

I learned above issues when I was studying Maths & Physics in my secondary school.

I could not understand this matter until I listed to one radio program, in which the person advised that the local students who are taking about 6 subjects in DSE exam. There are 4 compulsory subjects ( English, Chinese, Mathematics and Liberal Studies ) to make the students choosing only 2 subjects to be their majors. As a result, they are not equipped enough subjects in their secondary school, that will give them learning difficulty when they are going to universities. I have read these comments from newspapers last few months.

Hence, I have an impression that there might be a problem in present Hong Kong education system. I would like to hear your valuable comments & feedbacks. Thank you.