Hello, I am 15, turning 16 in August, and am wondering if the following is a good idea. Please give me some advice and any comments you may have.
Long story short- Family budget is small, father suggested working in his company for 1 year as a secretary/accountant while other sister goes to IB( She's 17 so this is the only year she can apply, she really wants to go to IB ) afterwards I would rejoin school after 1 year, being 17 as well. My questions are:

  • Will the government let me do this?
  • Will I need to self-study to keep knowledge intact?
  • Will secondary schools still accept me even though I didn't go to school for a year?
  • Will this affect my university application?
  • Will I have trouble applying for a secondary school as a mid-dropout?

Any advice, comments or suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.