Worst College Majors for Your 'Career'?

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    Worst College Majors for Your 'Career'?

    Kiplinger recently published an interesting series of suggestions on degrees you might want to avoid, particularly if financial security is your sole reason for gaining a 'higher education'.

    ...A high school graduate earns 40% less than someone with a bachelor’s degree and is more than twice as likely to be unemployed. But not all college majors are created equal. In fact, grads with certain majors sometimes fare worse in the labor force than workers who stopped studying after high school.

    Considering the time and expense that goes into earning a college degree, knowing whether your course of study is a career-killer is powerful knowledge indeed. That's why we analyzed the jobless rates and salaries for graduates with the 100 most popular majors to come up with our list of the ten worst values in college majors.

    Using data from Payscale.com and Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce, we looked for majors whose graduates—both recent grads (within the past five years) and those well into their careers—face a brutal combination of low compensation and high unemployment...

    Worst College Majors for Your Career - Kiplinger
    Perhaps more interesting than the article are the comments it's inspired. What is higher education really about? Spending money? Making money? Isn't it supposed to be about... learning?

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    Classic line ...

    Many of today's anthropology grads are studying a culture they didn't expect: the intergenerational American household, as seen from their parents' couch.