As every parent in HK knows, planning ahead is essential to getting your child into a school you want. With that said, we ultimately want our child to attend Canadian International, but we are uncertain which school to choose to ensure our best chance. We live close to Victoria and Island Children Montessori, and we are one of those parents who are unwilling to let our child travel far for school at a young age. On one hand we like Montessori and all its education philosophy, we do want our child to get a taste of it before going into traditional school, on the other hand, we hear that Victoria has great reputation and (maybe a little too) academically driven. I would just like to hear from other parents about their opinions on these two schools. Which one has better chance of getting into CDNIS? Also, what kind of quality does CDNIS look for at interviews? Is it harder to apply for entrance for primary school at CDNIS as opposed to at pre-reception/reception level?

Thanks so much!