Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie here Will really appreciate if someone could help me answer some questions re: Hong Kong education system. My family relocated here in Hong Kong 5 months ago. Since we are still in the stage of adjustment, it stresses me out to find out that children here start school at the age of 3. This really surprised me since back in my home country, kids don't start school until the age of 4. I have a daughter who will be turning 3 years old this June 2015 (which makes her eligible for k1 this coming September 2015). I also heard that application for a school slot should be done 1 year before the actual school year starts (which, obviously, we are super late already)

My question is, is it ok for my daughter to skip K1? I prefer not to send her to school at a very young age of 3 (her pediatrician actually agrees with this) I plan to send her to playgroups first. If she does skip k1, will we find it difficult next year to send her directly to K2? Are schools here strict in a sense that kids should pass K1 first?

Please enlighten me. Thank you so much in advance