For those of you trying to decide what to do about your little one, there is a great little school in Tai Po called the Mulberry Tree. My daughter has been there for over a year and we just love it.

The toys are all wooden, kids go on weekly field trips, kids help create the curriculum, and they are given self-care responsibilities. My daughter is so capable of taking care of herself now. The teachers are experienced, well educated, and caring. All have children in the school themselves. Children eat fresh baked bread and fresh cooked organic meals prepared at the school daily and even occasionally help prepare meals themselves. This is really a different school.

If you live in the NT East, you need to check this school out. My daughter is so happy there. People ask me why she never cries. Trust me, she cries alot, just never at school! :-)

Hope I could be helpful! Good luck on your school search!