I will be relocating to HK in a few months & I know it is important for me to start looking into schools immediately, however I am not sure when I should be aiming to begin formal education.

I have one son, who is currently 22mo old. He will be too young to join any of the schools w/ a 3yr age requirement for the 2015/2016 year.

He speaks English only, but his language skills are strong. He has a vocabulary of several hundred words, speaks in sentences, & his annunciation is strong enough that he can largely be understood by strangers.

I am hoping to begin taking Mandarin classes, which my son will attend with me to be introduced to the language. I will also make an effort to speak some Mandarin at home with him daily.

My confusion is that it seems like the preschools begin at quite a range of ages - 18mo, 2yr, 3yr, 4yr... Is there any distinct advantage to starting my son at an earlier age, or am I better off saving my money up to foot those *painful* debenture bills??

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