Hello All,
Hubby has accepted job in HK, office located in Kowloon and we're looking to move end of Jan. 4yo has just started reception in primary school and will end after 1st term. I don't want to keep him out of school for too long so feeling the pressure to decide where to live and apply for KG places now. We had been thinking of DB but some say long commute for hubby. I'm worried about LO having to keep moving from one school to the next since he'll have to move again in Sept for Primary (if we get a place anywhere).

1. Is it easy to find K2 place on arrival?
2. would there be alternative activities (homeschooling)/groups I could do with him on arrival until we have a place?
3. Any recommendations of preschools?

1st time posting ever so hope I've made sense:-)
Thank you