Skip K3 and start Primary One?

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    Skip K3 and start Primary One?


    Good day. We arrived in HK in 2012 and my daughter (BOD Oct 2009, currenlty, 4 years and 11 months old) is currently enrolled in K2. I've three questions:

    1. Is is advisable to skip K3 and start Primary One due to financial reasons? She's still not good on reading and she's not a cantonese speaking (only singing) but her native language is English.

    2. Can she skip K3 next year and start Primary One? She will be 5 years and 11 months on Sep 2015. We're planning to apply her Primary One Admission (POA) for Sep 2015.

    3. If not possible, can she still apply for Pre-Primary Education Voucher Scheme (PEVS) now for K3 next year? She's currently in a private school now.

    Thank you.

    DJ Tron

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