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    Hello everyone,

    Was hoping to get some help and clarify some confusion I’m having about school system for toddlers.

    Can some please explain the difference between play groups, preschool, pre-nursery, nursery; and kindergarten. I’m really confused about the difference between each of these classes; what age belongs to which class; and the sequence in which a child progresses.

    My son was born May 2013 and I’m not sure what classes he should be attending now and in September 2015.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Comes September 2015 he should be in pre-nursery as he has reached 2 years of age.

    play group- non-academic classes usually accompanied by a caretaker for kids not yet ready to go to school on their own.
    pre-nursery [PN]- usually for age 2-3, going to school on their own. PN is not a must, but for some KG if you don't join from PN or even younger, the chance of getting in later is lowered.
    nursery- usually refer to K1 (age 3) but for many schools, this is considered part of KG already.
    preschool- sorry I'm confused with this one myself.
    kindergarten- K1 to K3 (age 3-6)

    hope this helps.

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