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    KCS Nursery


    Anyone has kids attending PN in KCS? Appreciate if you could share some feedbacks about the school e.g language spoken (more mandarin or canto?), teacher to students ratios, quality of the teachers, amount of homework, etc.

    My girl got a placement with both KCS and ICMS, i know both school are very different but am wondering if its worth joining KCS just to pick up putonghua? We do want her to pick up putonghua as second language but at the same time, we don't want to put her thru a school with too much focus on academics (she's after all just 2yo!). We have also just attended Vic interview last week and is quite impressed with their facilities but they wont get back to us on the results till end of Mar. The deadline to revert back on KCS and ICMS is just round the corner, should we wait for Vic result?

    Any views will be appreciated, thanks.

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