We are developing plans for KG in Hong Kong.
Island Southern, Island Western and Hung Hom are sites chosen for the planning.

If you live in these areas, or even if your not but have specific needs in your area, then what are you looking for specifically? This, outside of the usual needs of education quality, kindness, play and developmental skills provided, or at least advertised as being provided.

Is price a factor if your not looking for a voucher school?
What is considered reasonable as a fee to get exactly what you need for your child?

Is Drama, Music, Dance and extra curricular services something you might look at?
Do you find it difficult to get a whole day service in your area or finding a place for 2-3yr olds?

Would you find a benefit from an online training program for your child that can play through your TV or on a remote screen in the apartment?

Do you interact with your child online with things like the Disney Junior Online Channel, Sesame Street et al, on YouTube? My child is addicted .. is yours?

Please vent with all your feelings. It's all helpful.