Hi Everyone,

A friend of mine is in the early stages of planning to open her own English and Mandarin Playgroup/Nursery Center. Together with a few partners, she is thinking of doing something on a larger scale, with space enough to offer a full curriculum for children of ages ranging from 6 months to 6 years old, as well as a large indoor play area. The idea is to offer parents more of a "one stop shop", as many busy mothers spend their days shuttling various children between different playgroups, after school classes, babygyms, etc.

Since she is in the preliminary stage of designing her center, I wanted to ask all the parents on this forum if this is something that you feel meets your needs? More specifically:

- If there were to be a new playgroup/nursery center, what would you want to see offered, that isn't already out there? It seems like HK has plenty of such offerings, yet the "famous" places all charge exorbitant prices and have long waiting lists
- Does the concept of one stop shop matter at all, or is it secondary?
- What are your top considerations when selecting a playgroup/nursery for your child? What makes you stay and what makes you leave?
- Where do you primarily get information on whether or not a school is good?
- How open would you be to trying a new center that just opened?

Any other suggestions on a new playgroup/nursery being designed would be appreciated. Thank you!