Hi there,

I know this forum is usually used for pre-tertiary education posts, but I can't find many other good places to ask this question so please do hear me out.
I'm just about to (hopefully) finish my bachelor degree in Environmental Management this summer. But after some soul searching I've decided that I don't want to keep on studying Environmental science but instead I'm considering a career in counselling. I've found that CityU and BU are both offering a Masters in Counselling but from what I've online, its best to choose an institution which has a good reputation for teaching the Masters degree you're looking into. Does anyone know or have any advice on which university would be better for me? BU is cheaper but money isn't really too big of an issue for me and I don't mind paying more for a good programme. Right now CityU has a higher international ranking than BU but that doesn't necessarily mean that their psychology/counselling degrees will be better. Also, I'm not asking about HKU, Chinese U, PolyU as they either have have additional entrance requirements which I can't attain right now. or their application period is closed. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks