The Boarding School Bet Part 2

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    Red face The Boarding School Bet Part 2

    You may be familiar with the basic boarding school facts - costs, academic benefits, application process - which we touched on in the first of our 2-part boarding school series. But what is the boarding experience like from the perspective of a student from Hong Kong? Explore the highs and lows that come with stepping overseas for school in The Boarding School Bet: Part 2

    Share your thoughts: do the benefits of boarding schools outweigh the costs?

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    benefits definitely outweigh the costs

    studying in local schools = brainwash by local teachers, who mostly are ordinary people. So the kids will develop ordinary thinking (partly good partly bad, no offense). It's my experience that the western schools preach another type of thinking, again it has its strengths and weaknesses.

    The best is to combine both Chinese and western thinking, taking the best parts of both parties.