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Drugs in Schools, Should the Police Be Called?

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    Drugs in Schools, Should the Police Be Called?

    This weekend's article in the SCMP on the HKIS expulsion of 11 students for using marijuana is no surprise.

    Drugs have been a known problem in HK Secondary Schools - local and international.

    However, do you think the school did the right thing by not calling the police?

    An ESF Secondary School Principal came under fire by several parents for calling the police last year.

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    I am a bit conflicted by this.

    1) Do you want to dumb kids to be marked for life?
    2) What sort of example are you setting ... some criminal offenses are ok, some are not?
    3) What happened to the "If you see something, say something" thing that is so common today?
    4) HKIS is well known to have a very strong parent lead management, perhaps this was done in consultation with the parents who came to the conclusion that it is ok not to report to the cops?

    Bottom line .... did the kids benefit in a positive way by the cops not being called?

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    It would depend on what the police would do. If it meant a criminal charge then no I don't think that would be appropriate for the police to be called in. The school and parents should handle it with suspensions etc.

    However if the police could give them a talking to, perhaps a trip down to the station and a warning,but no official, permanent mark on their record, that would be fine - for a first offence.

    They're just kids.

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    You can't decide based on whether criminal charges would be brought against the kids whether to call the cops or not. that sends the wrong message to the kids. What if one of the kids overdosed ? What if the marijuana they consumed was mixed with a poisonous agent ? I am not saying that cops should have been called them as kids make mistakes - and as long as this is their first time. After all it was just marijuana. I assume the dealer was one of those expelled.

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    Marijuana in HK is NOT just marijuana. It's called hash and is laced with other drugs. It's pretty much homemade. Dealers can mix it with coke, heroine, prescription pills, etc.

    Pure cannabis has actual health benefits. Just about everyone at my high school in the States smoked it. (I went to an Ivy League HS.)

    Back to original poster's question. I think the kids need to be properly reprimanded by their parents (who most likely spoil the crap out of them).

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