TEDxHongKongED 2013 - School’s Out | Exclusive GeoSchools Offer

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    Lightbulb TEDxHongKongED 2013 - School’s Out | Exclusive GeoSchools Offer

    TedxHong Kong is hosting the first-ever TEDx education-focused event in Asia-Pacific on June 15, 2013. Themed Schools Out, TedxHongKongED 2013 will showcase the current state of education both in Hong Kong and around the world, to inspire teachers, students and parents alike to examine and explore unconventional ways to nurture life-long learning and improve childrens learning experience and education in the SAR.

    Speakers will range from leaders of both traditional and unconventional education, to educators who engender learning beyond the classroom, and successful entrepreneurs speaking on the strengths and shortcomings of a traditional education. The full list of speakers and their bios can be found here.


    Date: Saturday, 15th June 2013

    Time: 9am - 4pm

    Location: 633 Kings Road, Quarry Bay

    Fee: GeoSchools can enjoy an exclusive discounted fee of $300 per person (instead of the General pass price of $350 per person). Use the promo code GEOTEDX to claim your discount. Tickets can be purchased here.

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    10 days left until TEDx Education in Hong Kong - check out the event speakers and topics

    One of the four themes of the event will be "Perspectives From Inside the Classroom."

    Is there enough creativity in the classroom? What about censorship and misleading material? And how can we harness the proliferation of accessible information to add value to classroom learning?

    Here in Hong Kong, we are constantly concerned about the state of the citys classrooms for the newest generation of kids - and our speakers will be sure to inspire thoughtful and engaging discussions and conversations among us. Here is our speaker lineup for our third theme of the day:

    Sophie Leung - Founder and Chairman of the Young Entrepreneurs Development Council, who will speak about the dearth of creativity and imagination in public schools and the need for holistic problem solving.
    Dr. Yvonne Chiu - Associate Professor, who will speak about censorship in learning and how that affects and shapes how we learn.
    Dr. Jadis Blurton - Principal of The Harbour School, who will speak about the need for reform to reposition schools and classrooms as more than just a knowledge factory, and the upcoming paradigm shift in classrooms.

    Find more information about them and other speakers featuring among an illustrious cast at http://www.tedx.hk/speakers/, and join the discussion on classroom perspectives this June at TEDxHongKongED 2013 by reserving your spot now at http://tedxhongkonged2013.eventbrite.com/. Tickets are limited and going at a fast rate!

    Don't forget to use your promo code GEOTEDX to get your exclusive GeoSchools discount!