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    my daughter has been accepted into both schools for their IB diploma programmes. She's been struggling between the two.
    Which one do u think it's better and why?

    RCHK: Good teaching quality [i heard from my friends]
    but i wonder do they have a lot of chinese students?
    will they use chinese throughout the day instead of english?
    because my daughter can't really speak cantonese
    ALSO: it doesn't offer french so i m really hesitant about it

    FIS: it provides french course [of course obviously]
    small no. of students
    yet i m concerned about the lmited extra-curricular activities they provide
    and the long school hours (till 5 pm, who will do that??)
    how about the teaching quality?

    please help me out a little bit!
    my daugher is going to study form 6 (equivalent to grade 12 next year)

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    Hi blahblah

    It really depends the needs and wants of you and your daughter.

    Must she study French? Perhaps a Cantonese environment will allow her to become more immersed and allow her to study Cantonese.

    Does she prefer being in a larger school or a smaller school?

    Perhaps you could post additional details to help us more.

    Also, bear in mind where she would like to study for University or where she would like to continue her Higher Education.


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    Hi Blahblah,

    This matter strongly depends on whether your daughter is more of an international student or a local student, as well as the language she normally speaks in her social group. I think that the language one speaks with strongly defines the language preferences of their learning environment. It also depends on how easily your child could adapt to a new learning environment and to a new medium of communication.

    Extra-curricular activities should already be in their education program if they are teaching the IB Diploma since it requires CAS. Even if it is not in their weekly schedule, they may have activity weeks (From a WIS perspective - Horizons Week every year). However, from experience, I see RCHK has more sports related extra-curricular as evident in the annual HKSSF and HKAAA sports competitions.

    But once again, the IB diploma already defines the requirements of its elements of teaching and the extra-curricular activity scheduling, although it may be slightly unbalanced due to the different perspectives of the schools on what is most important for the students.