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ESF school recommendation?

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    ESF school recommendation?

    Hi, my husband’s job will take us to HK this year and we have been recommended to ESF schools. Any rough idea about the rankings of the ESF secondary and primary schools (academic performance, facilities, or just general reputation)? Many thanks!!

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    Hi there! I'm currently a student in Island School, and have a pretty good understanding of the ESF schools but one thing i can't answer is the rankings of schools, it's because in ESF, there are no proper rankings, of course, some schools do better than others in the IGCSE/IB exams but it varies every year and no school is 'the best'- i can explain more on this if you like, just ask if you do

    Primary school:
    There are a couple of ESF primary schools, but I would recommend Beacon Hill School(I went there) or Kowloon Junior School if you were to live on the Kowloon side of HK, both are really nice schools with great environments and teachers etc. Ones I recommend on HK side is Glenealy-for people living in/near the Peak, Kennedy School and Bradbury school, which are both quite popular. I don't think it would matter what primary school your child attends because all ESF primary's are brilliant.

    For secondary, there are 5 schools:
    - King George V- KGV for short, this is the most popular secondary school, and the biggest with the most students and also best facilities. They have great teachers but the one disad is the number of students- too many. I was supposed to attend this school as you get transferred from your ESF primary school to the closest secondary school depending on where you live. However, I got moved to Island School because KGV was full. A lot of students would also mean that there might be less attention for you child, as in for any problems with schoolwork or other things. Not trying to downgrade KGV but there have been drug issues amongst the students in the past. Moving on from this, they do have a wider range of choices for languages than other schools, as they have many more teachers there.

    Island School: I currently go to this school, its a great school, I consider it to be my second home as I spend most of my days there, this is my 6th year there and i'm still loving it as much as i did since i got there in Y7. They offer a wide range of choices (unfortunately, i wasn't able to have this many choices for my IGCSE's as i went there before they made this change). They definitely have some amazing teachers, but all are really good and can teach very well. They also offer a wide range of activities, eg football(soccer), basketball, rugby, netball, sailing for sports, other can include: medical team, handicraft, music clubs, debate (Island School excels in this, not bragging but we do have HK's best debator:P), Model united Nations (MUN) and plenty others. We have a swimming pool, lower years have to swim for PE lessons, there's also a water polo activity. In terms of results, we are quite a good school to do this, i know that in my year, we've had a couple of people getting full A*'s for all their subjects in gcse, (one would include my cousin who got 13A*'s!!) in terms of IB, we've been pretty good, most students get 35 or above out of 45 points. I'd really recommend it, not just because its a great school, but we have amazing school spirit, a friend of mine made this video, hope it helps:

    Two other schools, West Island and South Island, these are sister schools of the original and main Island School (as you might have guessed) all three are pretty much the same, the only difference is probably just the locations and facilities. They are smaller than Island School, and much smaller compared to KGV, with Island being 2nd biggest.

    The 5th and final school is Sha Tin College, i'm sorry to say that the only thing i know about this school is that they have a canteen! I'm not really familiar with this school, its one of the smaller ones and for people who live on the kowloon side, as i go to school on the HK side, I know much more about it.

    I really hope this helped, I think i was unsuccessful at being unbiased but from what I know about other schools and the general reputation, I genuinely think Island School would be the best option, please let me know if you have more questions

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