ESF Island school vs Kellett Kowloon Year 8

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    ESF Island school vs Kellett Kowloon Year 8

    HiWe will be moving to HK in Aug and might have a choice between ESF Island school and Kellett Kowloon campus for our 12 years old.
    I heard that many parents send their kids back to UK to boarding schools starting from year 8 in HK. Would you know that this is more prevalent in Kellett (that is more British ) vs Island school (that is more mixed, more international)?
    Also what is your opinion on the Island school planning to move the campus and having the kids relocation into temporary campuses for the next few years? Would current students move away from island school because of the renovation? I would like to guarantee the most stable environment for my kid and this worried me a bit.
    Same time we heard that Kellett Kowloon can be a bit snobbish and kids very transient. Please advise your thoughts.

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    We are at Kellett and love it. We're an Asian family previously at ESF and decided not to put our child into Island School 1. because we weren't keen on IB and 2. because of the upcoming redevelopment. A lot of our Island School friends are worried about the move and some are exploring other schools.

    It took a while for my daughter to make friends at Kellett. Most of the kids in her class have been together since reception. Her friends seem to be Asian / Eurasian kids. As far as I know only 1 girl is leaving for boarding school from her class, everyone else seems to be staying put.

    Have met other ESF families at Kellett and we are all so happy to have made the switch. Haven't witnessed any snobbery, everyone has been so nice.