Hello Everyone,

I noticed that most of us are looking for a teacher for music mostly but using different way to find them:

  • Internet
  • Music conservatory
  • Word of mouth

The first search that we do to find out the market price of different grade of teachers and where to find the teachers. But the problem so far is on the way that we search because of the referencing word that we use, depending of the word using to find a teacher the result could be completely different, so it’s not easy to figure out which can be the best that fits our requirement.

Music conservatory:
Yes, this is the place that people need to know, music conservatory can provide a list of teacher with a name, their grade and a phone number (that remind me my insurance that provide me a list of doctor with their diploma name and phone number), at the end you start to call them one by one and find which one will be available and fits your schedule, if by talking on the phone it give you more confident to choose him and when you or your children will have a lessons with the teacher, at this stage you fill figure out if it’s fits your requirement.

Word of mouth:
Also another way to find a teacher, because your friends or relative can recommend you a teacher, but it have to be geographically available and again, if it’s fit your requirement! We are all different and requirement also!

So from this I ask myself what are really the requirement that parents or students are really looking for to choose “the” teacher, for sure most of us will say good grade, doing the job for long, fits our schedule, geographically flexible and cheap.

But how you will define can define a good teacher?
In the details, what are your expectation and requirement?
Does it happen that you start with a teacher but at the end it doesn’t fit your requirement, how many lessons you start to realized it?
How you start to find another one again?

I’m a in a project of opening a website to centralize teachers in Hong Kong to give a clear view on different point such as:

  • Market price depending on the grade
  • Geographic
  • Availability

But I believe there’s much more to define our requirement as a parent or student.

Feel free to comment and develop the thread it would be great to go further from this point of view.

Thank you