Does an international school in Hong Kong have the right to cancel an IEP plan without consulting the parents? Should this be a result of a discussion? What rights do I have?

FYI a plan was put in place for my son just one year ago after the school insisted I must take my son for a full educational psychologist assessment. I was told it addressed the first set of recommendations as outlined in the ed psych report and further recommendations would be implemented going forward.

I just received a letter (I assume it's from the INC, it's not signed) saying he is back in mainstream classes, and his IEP cancelled.

White I agree he should be back in mainstream classes as he is happier there and has improved significantly, his ed psych report specifically stated he needed help with handwriting and he still has received no help on this. This was supposed to be the next step they focused on and the class teacher is fully aware that it is still something of concern. The INC also knows that my son has visual problems and so I feel it should be clear that teachers should not rely heavily on visual work (which had been the main focus before his IEP was implemented - I noticed my son had been doing visual/computer work by trial and error).

The issue is he's rapidly improved in reading (I'm told advanced reader, top of the class), catching up/averaging with maths, but still has pain in his hands when writing. I have been told that while he has learning difficulties he is gifted and needs to be challenged.

In USA I understand that a plan cannot be cancelled without discussing with the parents. Not sure about the UK, or private schools, or indeed private British school in Hong Kong.