afriend of mine has just forwarded me a link to access to a so called child costcalculator. she said she would have to spend over 6 million to bring upher son and she thought it was quite reasonable for the case in HongKong. but i think the figure was an underestimate.

ihave just worked out mine - over 8.23 million, which is somuch higher than her result... i think it is probably because of overseaseducation - i hv been wanting to send my son to study in the UK as HK'seducation just sucks!

myfriends all likened me to a monster parent.... which i don't agree!! i think iam just a very typical middle class mom wishing to give the best to my kid.

theircomments simply did not do my justice! it is easy to get a result higher than 8million... you may want to try it and see if you will spend even more.

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