Looking for Karate/Martial Arts/Karate in HV, CWB, WC area?

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    Looking for Karate/Martial Arts/Karate in HV, CWB, WC area?

    Does anyone have any positive experiences to share with finding a class that's suitable for 4/5 yr old boy? I'm not experienced with the different martial arts, so any input would be appreciated, preferably with locations in Happy Valley, Causeway Bay, Wan Chai area.


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    wing chun for kids


    Age Range 年齡: 3 ? 5 (Mini Wing Chun)
    6 - 8 (Junior Wing Chun)
    9 -12 (Senior Wing Chun)
    Duration 時間: 12 Classes for each unit course, 4 Classes per month, one hour per class on every Sunday 10:00am ? 11:00am
    Date 日期: First class to be started on 6 December 2009 (Sunday)
    Venue 地點: M/F Hong Mei Building, 135 Lai Chi Kok Road, Kowloon (Exit C2 of Prince Edward MTR Station)
    Contact Nos 聯絡方法: Ms Christy Wong Tel: 9012 8955
    Ms Alice Kong Tel : 8100 3137
    e-mail: [email protected]
    Tuition Fee 學費: HK$280 per month (4 classes); HK$840 for whole course
    全個課程HK$840; 每月HK$280
    Class Size 每班人數: 15 - 20
    Uniform 服式: White IWCO short-sleeves T-shirt and black sports pant
    白色T 恤配以黑色運動褲
    Briefing of Wing Chun Kung Fu 詠春簡介: Wing Chun kung fu is a Southern Shaolin internal martial arts style founded by a nun, Ng Mui. She passed her kung-fu knowledge to Yim Wing Chun and Yim further passed this skill to her husband, Leung Bok Chau. To memorize his wife, this kung fu set was named after her. It focuses on directness, economy of motion, soft and flexibility to increase both mental and physical health. The late great kung fu movie star, Bruce Lee, also learned Wing Chun from Grandmaster Yip Man.
    詠春拳是屬於南少林的內家拳,為五枚師太所創。五枚師太將此拳法傳給嚴詠春,嚴詠春再傳給其丈 夫梁博疇,梁 博疇為記念其妻,把此門功夫命名為詠春拳。詠春拳風格獨特,著重簡單、直接,借力打力、以柔克 剛等內涵,可 提升個人的身心素質。已故國際功夫明星李小龍亦是師從詠春派宗師葉問學習詠春拳。
    Objectives 課程目的:  Provide a pre-study course for children and laid a good foundation for future Wing Chun courses 為兒童提供學習詠拳拳的預修課程,為將來學習詠春拳打好基礎
     Develop children?s potentiality, concentration, cooperation and social skills/EQ through disciplinary training 透過有紀律的訓練,拓展兒童的潛能、專注力、合群及社交技巧
     Learn self-defense in a safe environment 學習在安全的環境下自衛
     Provide proper channel to release children?s energy and stress 提供一個渠道給兒童發洩其精力和壓力
    Course Content 課程內容:  Physical Exercises including running, Front & side running in a circle, Slap on lap, stepping, sit up and stretching
     Wing Chun Techniques : Yee Jee Kim Yeung Ma, Yat Jee Chung Kuen, Pak Sao, Man Sao, Gum Sao, Fook Sao-Punching
    Class Structure 課堂結構:  Physical Exercise (30 minutes) 體能訓練 (25分鐘)
     Wing Chun Techniques (35 minutes) 詠春拳術 (25分鐘)
     Short Test after class ( 10 minutes) 課後小測 (10分鐘)
    Medium of Tuition 授課語言 Cantonese & English if necessary 廣東話 及英語
    Instructor 教練: To be taught Ms Christy Wong whom is the qualified Instructor of International Wing Chun Organization
    詠春學社 黃薏穎教練任教
    Instructor Profile 教練簡介 Ms Christy Wong is an overseas graduate holding a bachelor?s degree in Commerce, she has keen interest not only in finance but also in sports. Back in high school, she was a school team member of handball, basketball and 4x100 relay team. Badminton, tennis and martial arts have always been her favorite events. At present, she is pursuing a study in Advanced Diploma in Fitness and Exercise Studies in order to enrich the knowledge in sports science.

    She started learning Wing Chun in 2002 and had the great honor to have met SiFu Donald Mak in March 2006 and be his student since then. She treasure the chance to share her experience in Wing Chun with others, in particular with kids whom she have special love with.

    Membership and Certifications
     Member of the Hong Kong Wing Chun Union
     First Aid Specialty Course on Sports Emergencies Certificate, Hong Kong St John Ambulance
     First Aid Certificate, Hong Kong St John Ambulance
     Physical Fitness Foundation Course Certification, HKPFA
     Resistance Training Instructor Certification, HKPFA
     Physical Fitness Assessment Leader Certification, HKPFA
     Elderly Fitness Instructor Certification, HKPFA

    黃薏穎小姐熱愛運動, 中學期間是學校手球, 籃球及田徑隊代表, 並曾參加各類公開比賽.留學澳洲期間,更有機會接觸網球. 雖然大學學位主修經濟, 但對運動的熱愛卻沒有減退. 為了吸取運動科學的知識, 她現正修讀健體與運動學高級文憑課程.

    黃小姐於2002年開始修習詠春拳術,更於於2006年3月非常榮幸地拜遇麥廣權師父並追隨學 習至今。她實 學習詠春拳多年,認為兒童是未來社會的棟樑,推廣這運動應從兒童時開始紮根,故希望能分享她的 經驗、推廣這 運動, 提升小朋友對詠春拳的認識及興趣。

     香港詠春聯會會員
     運動急救專修證書, 香港聖約翰救護機構
     急救證書,香港聖約翰救護機構
     體適能基礎証書,中國香港體適能總會
     器械健體導師證書,中國香港體適能總會
     體適能測試領袖證書,中國香港體適能總會
     老人健體導師證書,中國香港體適能總會

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    My son has just started Shaolin Kung Fu in South China Atheletic Association (SCAA). He really enjoys it. The Master is very experienced and he has students of non-Chinese nationality as well as locals. I heard a number of kids even came top in open competitions. You can visit SCAA and check out the lessons before enrolment. The classes are on Mon, Wed, Fri, and Tues, Thurs, Sat, at 4.30-6.00pm. It's $800 for 2 months of lessons which I think is excellent value.