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Yes, they do have lots of extra-curriculum activities. But students already take full day class in elementary, too tough to join after school program as small kids?

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You are very lucky you are thinking of applying there now in 2015. The school has improved majorly since 2010. Their sports curriculum has improved and have a new primary school section built not too long ago. The looks of the school inside is not the best, but the teacher, oh the teachers are amazing. They actually CARE. I graduated in 2014 from this school, and 100% of my graduating class got accepted to universities, and ivy leagues. You can check it out on the school website. I have been in the school since I was 4 years old. I have watched it change.

If you are worried about your child joining after school activities, the school actually offers something called PSD (Personal Student Development) for primary students. As a child I loved PSD, because we were given choices like Jewel making club, Basketball, dodgeball, dancing etc. and it is during school hours.

AIS also offers TaeKwanDo, but there is a fee, but it was a lot of fun (after school).
If you do choose AIS, I hope your child has a wonderful childhood like I did there.