Hi all,

Moving to HK in November with our eight year old. Currently in mainland China but from the UK, serial expats and das wunderkind is no stranger to moving countries.

After looking at the state of waiting lists and the general amount of anxiety they produce I asked around some friends who have either recently arrived here from HK or have done a few years there previously. The whole situation sounds insane!

I know we'll be on a waiting list, I'm zen with that, my question is what happens in the meantime? Technically I'd have to homeschool while he was waiting no?

Are there any SECULAR co-ops out there? What happens if the EDB do come calling? Is homeschooling while you're on a waiting list still homeschooling?

Please don't direct me to the HK homeschool meet-up group as they don't seem to answer anyone who's not actually in HK already.

Could anyone recommend a school which has a recognised acclerated programme? He's been stamped and certified as 'bright' and the last school he was in basically fibbed about their ap and shoved him in with kids two years older. Not an experience we want to repeat!

Any inside info would be much appreciated,