Which Local Primary School?

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    Which Local Primary School?

    Hi all,
    My son will start year one during the 2013-2014 school year. My husband is adamant in sending our son to a local school as he did when he was a child too. Some background info on my son. He is a multi lingual kid. He speaks English, Shanghai-nese, Putonghua ( although he is losing it) and Japanese ( he is also losing that too) and at the moment he is at a local Cantonese Kindergarten. Im having a hard time deciding which School to send him to. Our choices are:
    1. Raimondi ( Medium is English and close by)
    2. Kiangsu and Chekiang School (local stream, a little far to travel but not too far)
    3.HKUGA ( its far, but I like that the mediums are in Chinese, Putonghua and English and Im really liking what im seeing)
    4. Hon Wah ( again its really far, but the instruction is in Chinese, Putonghua and English and im also really liking the timetable and they do most of the homework at the end of the day during school.

    Also although my husband is Mainland Chinese, he doesn't understand how to read or write Chinese as he grew up in Japan and neither do I. So homework is going to be a problem I would think. At the moment he gets a lot of homework and he is in K2 but at the moment it is easier enough for him to do it as he is just learning how to write Chinese Characters.

    I would also like him to be able to keep up with his English. I feel he is a little bit behind at the moment on those that are his age. ( I work at an International school and kids his age are reading and writing words and sentances) He cant read or write words yet however when i went back to Australia I did buy some books to help him to start reading. I would love him to be able to read and write. Speaking is no problem as Im a native English Speaker and we speak English at home.

    Has anyone been or sent their kids to one of these schools or could give me some info on these schools.

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    Raimondi is a very demanding local Eng school.

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    You may want to take a look at Rosary Hill School. I saw quite a number of non Chinese kids, including European kids.

    OVER HEARD, while the primary school is good but the secondary school "not as good", they call it a Band 3 school or whatever it is.
    In fact, the kindergarten and primary school is offering Spanish as the 4th language in the curriculum.

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    I agree - Raimondi is good school.