Admission for Island school during redevelopment

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    Admission for Island school during redevelopment

    Hi, my husband work transfer might bring us to Hong Kong in a couple of months or latest by Christmas.
    We have 2 daughters starting Y12 and Y9 in September 2017.

    I know it is a very tight and tricky situation but I am doing the research.

    I, myself, am an alumni of Island School and it would be great if my girls can go there.

    However, I am aware that the school is about to be demolished and students will be relocated to 2 temporary locations in Kowloon side. 4 years of construction? The website says the work for new sites will start soon and be ready by Christmas. So the first term will be at Borrett Road campus and then after Christmas, students will move to Kowloon? Even for temporary Kowloon campus, we are supposed to live in the midlevel catchment? Any school bus arrangement?

    My elder one is starting IB and she only has 2 years, so I want my daughter to have proper graduation and feel proud of the high school she goes.
    If not Island school, which one would you recommend?

    Your thoughts would be highly appreciated!
    Thank you.

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