ESF Fees Increase by 6% for 2014-2015

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    ESF Fees Increase by 6% for 2014-2015

    The English Schools Foundation has increased school fees by almost 6 percent.

    • Primary school students have been raised to HK$74,100 from HK$70,000, a gain of 5.9 percent.
    • Lower Secondary fees have gone up 4.2 percent to HK$105,700.
    • Upper Secondary Y12 to 13 are being raised to HK$111,100 – an increase of 4.5 percent.

    The chief executive officer of ESF, Belinda Greer, told RTHK the increases were necessary to keep up with rising market costs and worked out at a rise of about HK$450 a month.

    From HK Standard
    ESF defends 5.9pc rise in fees - The Standard

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    I have followed the ESF fees increase every year, and wondering how we will manage as a family. But when I read the cost cutting strategies they are thinking of implementing, this made me very angry. These ideas are very basic and should have been implemented ages ago. Many corporations have been doing this for years.

    If you missed the article in SCMP last week, here is what they propose.

    - shift professional training sessions in other countries back to its own centres in Hong Kong to save on staff travel costs and attract overseas professionals to train here.

    -digitalising staff recruitment procedures, (Currently, ESF leaders fly overseas to interview candidates every year!!!) Prospective candidates could now submit their résumés on the ESF website through their mobile devices.

    -centralising the purchase of materials and stationery,

    -outsourcing services such as IT,