As soon-to-be ESF teachers where should we apply?

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    As soon-to-be ESF teachers where should we apply?

    Not sure where we come in terms of priority but would like to know which ESF school, we're likely to get our 6 year old into, at this late stage?

    He's completed Reception and is due to finish Year 1, here in the UK. He is also one of the eldest in the year over here but as I understand it would be one of the youngest!

    Has anyone any idea which is the most oversubscribed and the least? And whether at this late stage, we might just have to accept anything? This certainly wasn't discussed at interview!

    Purely on what we have read on here and where we feel we can get a good deal on accommodation, our top three preference would be as follows; Clearwater Bay, Bradbury, Discovery College.

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    ESF Teachers have top priority. Best to pick a school and call the person in charge of admissions.

    Interview priority is given to:

    1. Children of ESF teachers;
    2. Siblings of children already attending an ESF school;
    3. Children who are Nominees under the Nomination Rights Scheme. (Effective from 3 October 2012. Please click here for details of the scheme.)