Review of ESF Tsing Yi International Kindergarten

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    Review of ESF Tsing Yi International Kindergarten

    ESF, Tsing Yi

    My eldest attended this kindergarten. ESF TY is without a doubt a very resource rich kindergarten. The classrooms are open style and during "studio" time, the children are free to go and play in the other classrooms as each are set up with different activities for the children to enjoy. Therefore children will get to know students from the whole of their year and not just from their class.

    It is a fully accredditted PYP kindergarten, and learning is based on themes where children learn about the wider world, each other and are also able to choose activities which interest them the most.

    School resources include electronic white boards, lots of pretend play areas, weekly library book reading scheme, messy play areas, sand pits, small outdoor play area.

    Teachers are all native english speakers, with most of them recruited from abroad initially on 2 year renewable contracts. I have always found them to be excellently qualified. There are also plenty of teaching assistants who help the students in small group work or man the various learning stations.

    ESF TY places a lot of emphasis on teaching the students to be independent and learn to do things for themselves - everything from going to the toilet, getting their own snack from a centrally located place, being responsible for and organising their own belongings.

    The kindergarten might seem a bit chaotic at first glance, but everything is well planned and the children seem to thrive in this busy environment.

    They don't teach reading and writing per se, but my daughter's reading and writing efforts were well supported as the teacher made sure she had one on one reading sessions each week.
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