Review of ESF Clearwater Bay

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    Review of ESF Clearwater Bay

    Hi ,

    It was my son's 1st day yesterday at ESF Clearwater Bay having accomplished ESF Abacus / Kindergarten. The school was clever, there wasn't a bunch of other older students hanging around in the playground; all the new students come in only after the older children are already inside their classrooms. This makes the playground meetup area less crowded with flocks of children from all ages. It was coordinated and was smooth

    The school is miraculously clean and facilities all look brand new.

    Upon entering the school room, we were all greeted with a very nice smile at the door. Then another nice smile by the teacher when we entered my son's classroom. The feeling was satisfying that my son will be well looked after here.

    We confirmed how my son would go home each day and then we left. Upon driving away and staring at the school once more, there's a big logo on the school wall:

    A learning community working together to develop internationally minded students who act to make a better world

    According to my son's neighbour friend who is a year older, he loves the school and his parents have always praised the school.

    I hope you enjoyed the read!

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