LIS/DMK/YMCA for primary..Please help!

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    LIS/DMK/YMCA for primary..Please help!

    Hi all,

    We live in Tung Chung.We are looking for primary admissions for my son(4.5 years) for next academic year.
    As we are looking for internationals schools,cannot find many options around.As of now,Lantau International School,YMCA(Sham Shui Po) and DMK(Tung Chung) are the choices.
    Please advice which of these ranks best in terms of curriculum,extra curricular activities and affordable fee structure.
    Thanks in advance!


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    As you live in Tung Ching, I suppose LIS is a good choice for you.

    LIS offers school bus running from its campus to TC by hiring a school bus company.

    You may search its Facebook page to see how happy the students are, and what they learn, at least you'll have a glimpse of it.

    It does not require a debenture, and the monthly tuition fee is not a scary number among IS in HK.

    I have no comments on other two schools that you mentioned.