DBIS and DC Opinions/Admissions Waitlists?

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    DBIS and DC Opinions/Admissions Waitlists?

    We are moving to HK early 2015 and we are looking for a Form 4 place (or Form 5 starting Aug 2015) in Discovery Bay. Does anyone have an thoughts on DBIS or DC? It would be great to hear anything on the two schools..

    Also, is anyone aware of the wait list situations higher up in the school? I know it is supposed to be quite difficult for nursery/kindergarten, but it there more movement in the older primary years? We have just contacted the schools to hear their situation, but wanted to hear from anyone who may have some insight!

    Many thanks!

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    sorry for the very late reply. I guess you can forget DBIS as they currently offer class up to year 11 only, so you will need to find another school in one year. You can try to apply for DC and there should be spaces for Y10/Y11 (given your "kid" can pass the assessment).

    If you will be moving into DB, West Island School is your catchment area school for ESF, in which your kid will be taking a ferry ride and a bus to WIS. it may sound horrible but many DB trekkers do this everyday.

    I guess if you are looking at Y11, the waitlist is not much of an issue as there ought to be spaces available, but living in DB means a long travel to/from school for your kid no matter what you will end up with

    anyway good luck for the school hunting!

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