Hello - if you're fed up with the 'profit over provision' approach to schooling in the private sector- the way we are expected to send very young children on ferries and buses all over the region rather than focus on better provision and priority given to the immediate communities they are built in or even just generally at the way things are run, well then this post detailing our experience may be of interest.

We lived in Hongkers for five years, in Discovery Bay, did the whole 'list' thing for DBIS for over two years for my eldest, did the whole 'lottery' joke that is Discovery College application. Nada..Panicked as he got closer age 6;to the time when he'd need to be leaving Kindy and it was clear we'd need to get him signed up for somewhere, ANYWHERE else outside of DB, and so I contacted all other schools with no luck. We were finally offered a place at eye wateringly expensive Harrow, but we felt it was too far away in a highly polluted area and we weren't about to move to the gold coast out of DB just to support that (no offence to gold coasters). So we chose to push for a move out of the country entirely ; )

It worked out better than I could ever possibly have imagined, but in my distaste for the way things are done here, I vowed there must be a way to make a stand because no one listens to parents going through the pressure cooker of a system there. So as a blogger I figured I'd write about it. If you have wait list 'angst', this blog post might be for you..yes it's a sour grapes rant, but i make no apologies...we've come out far better but there are many managing stress and potential upheaval and not coming out of it so perky.

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