Anglican-"same religious affiliation"

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    Anglican-"same religious affiliation"

    Currently starting to think about the upcoming September P1 discretionary places Stage application for the 2014/2015 school year and have settled on St James Primary Causeway Bay ( my daughter is native Chinese language skill but poor English so would do better in Chinese medium local)

    I am trying to figure out how many points she would get for her application :

    5 points for first born
    10 points for applicant at right age (5 years 10 month on Sept 2014)

    The one i cannot figure is "same religious affiliation as the sponsoring body which operates the primary school(possible 5 points)

    i am Anglican with my baptismal and confirmation certificate, but my daughter is not yet baptised and so does not have that certificate.

    Does anyone know if the local SKH Anglican schools consider a 5 year olds religious affiliation to be the same as that of the parent? ie Would she get the 5 points for same religious affiliation without a Bapstimal certificate just by virtue of the fact i am Anglcan?

    Thankyou for any insights

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