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2013-14 Application and Admissions Deadlines

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    2013-14 Application and Admissions Deadlines

    It's that time of year again, when parents are scrambling to ensure their child has secured a spot for the upcoming academic year.

    Below we've listed a small sample of Hong Kong's international schools to give you an idea of the important dates coming up, and possibly even a few options if you've missed the application deadline for your top choice school.

    -Years 1-7 applications open Sept 1-30.
    -Applications received after September 30th will be treated as LATE APPLICATIONS, and will not be processed until all other applications have been reviewed.
    -Applications at any other times and for all other years may be done online anytime.
    -Applications for ESFs Private Independent Schools and Kindergartens have separate requirements.

    Canadian International School

    -Applications from Pre Reception to Grade 2 will close on October 31 of the preceding school year.
    -Applications from Grade 3 and above will close on January 31 of the preceding school year.

    Concordia International School
    -No deadline.
    -Starts accepting applications for the following year in April and continues accepting through start of school year.

    -No admissions deadline.
    -If there is a vacancy a student can join any time of the year.

    French International School
    -Parents are welcome to apply starting on the day their child is born.
    -There is no deadline for applying – FIS accepts applications year-round.

    Hong Kong Academy
    - Hong Kong Academy does not have deadlines for applications.
    -Enrolment is rolling—places are filled as they become available.
    -Applications only accepted up to one year ahead of desired enrolment date.
    -Applications are valid for 2 years.

    Hong Kong International School
    -Admissions deadlines are March 1 and April 1, for local and overseas applications, respectively.

    Japanese International School
    -Admissions are rolling and students are allocated positions according to availability.

    Renaissance College (ESF Independent)
    -Year 1 applications for 2013-14 academic year will be open from September.
    -Year 7 applications for 2013-14 academic year only opened to siblings of current RCHK students.
    -2013-14 application periods for all other years tentatively set for January 2013.

    Singapore International School
    -No strict deadline yet, although it is recommended that parents apply for Secondary by April.
    -It is recommended Prep Year and Primary applications are submitted from January to March.

    Yew Chung International School
    -Applications accepted year round, but parents are recommended to apply early.

    Do you have any experience tackling these deadlines? have you persevered against all odds to secure your son or daughter a place in the primary school of your dreams? Did you miss a deadline?

    Share your experiences with us on this thread, and don't forget to add the upcoming admissions deadlines for any schools we didn't include.

    Good luck parents!

    -GeoSchools Team
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    Sheung Shui

    Check with the EDB website for local primary schools: the process is already under way. Secondary applications start before Christmas.

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    KG Admission


    Currently Im in India.I would be settling in Hong Kong by Apr 2013.I am looking for application form for my daughter who is 3 years old(DOB : 9-Mar-2010).Im looking for schools with medium English.

    Please advise the following:
    a)Till what period of time the admission application form for 2013 would be available?
    b)Can the application be filled online with Indian debit/credit cards?
    c)For which class(KG1/KG2) is she eligible?
    d)class start date?
    e)Can the application form be sent through post?
    f)As of now i dont have HKID?Even then can i submit the application form?Will it be considered?The other supporting doc would be my employment offer from HK company


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    suggest you go for Woodland Schools ( or TutorTime ( or even Small World Christian ( She is not yet 3. You have missed the cut off period for the international schools that do take her age in as well as the ESF Kindergarten but don't worry as Woodland, TutorTime and Small world (if they accept her application so late) will be good for her as they are English speaking and will be a good introduction and settling in for her for the rest of the academic year. Suggest you look up the sites and contact the specific school in the area where you will reside and ask for vacancies starting from April 2013. Good Luck